A Christmas you will never forget

Longyearbyen offers Christmas joy, and a relaxing and stress-free atmosphere. Twinkling Christmas lights, the polar night and the northern lights dancing in the sky will make this a Christmas you will never forget.

Travel period: December 21 - December 26

Funken Logde is a luxurious Arctic oasis where comfort and quality are the focus. The hotel is located in historic surroundings and offers a unique Svalbard experience. The atmosphere makes you relax after eventful days both indoors and outdoors.

Our friendly staff will put together a cozy program for Christmas on Svalbard, and there is a lot for you to look forward to.

Christmas Food and drink

Christmas Eve itself is celebrated with a delicious 5-course dinner in Funktionærmessen Restaurant including an aperitif. This is also where you will enjoy a fantastic breakfast buffet every morning. The combination of first-class cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere sets the stage for a unique culinary experience. Here you can enjoy delicious food and drink, while admiring the spectacular view over Longyearbyen. 

The restaurant was originally the dining hall for the officials of the mining company, who were to have only the best. Today it is the locals' favorite and an exciting place for visitors looking for an elegant restaurant in Longyearbyen. With a focus on exceptional ingredients and exemplary service, you can look forward to a memorable evening.

Northern Lights safari

The guide takes you out of the city, away from Longyearbyen's lights, into the magical polar night. You drive beyond the frozen Adventdalen, and there will be several stops along the way to look for the northern lights.

This is a great expedition for those who want to get out of the city in a safe and comfortable way. And because of the polar night between early November and the end of January, you have the opportunity to see the northern lights around the clock - even in the middle of the day. It is somewhat fainter than that which occurs in the evening, but has a more reddish light, and is a fascinating sight.

  • 4 nights in desired room category including breakfast
  • A 5-course dinner in Funktionærmessen Restaurant on Christmas Eve including an aperitif
  • Northern Lights safari with snowcat
  • A cozy and fun Christmas program
  • Price from NOK 6,045,- per person in a shared double room

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